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Lookah Python Variable Voltage Wax Vaporizer | 650mAh

$ 89.99
No need to feel constricted by your current vape! The Python Variable Voltage Wax Vaporizer from Lookah is crafted for a quality hand-feel and quality vaping. Crafted with a fully metal body, the handheld vaporizer is wrapped in a colorful shell with a serpentine texture that makes it easy to manage the vape in just one hand. The chamber cover flips up easily to reveal the 710 quartz atomizer and the on-board dab tool, which has its own slot for easy loading and cleaning. These variable voltage vapes offer heat settings between 3.4 and 4.0 volts for those who prefer flavor or those who prefer big, thick clouds. The mouthpiece has a duck bill shape and can swivel a full 360 degrees for easy access or storage. Charge up your Python Vaporizer quickly with USB-C charging. Let your customers wrap their fingers around an essspecially ssstylish vaporizer!