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90° Terp Slurper Banger

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****14mm******The Terp Slurper Banger brings extreme efficiency to the dabbing game.  It has a standard flat top, but the innovation is on the bucket's floor, where there's a drain hole down a short stem through four air slits into an open pan at the bottom.  Using it is very easy, just evenly heat the pan and drain stem of your Terp Slurper, you don't need to heat the bucket much.  Drop your concentrate in the banger or put it directly into the pan and as it melts while you take your dab the air slits will slurp the oil up into the stem and bucket, making dense vapor thanks to the extra surface area.  Any vapor that cools and condenses back into oil drains from the bucket down the stem into the pan and re-vaporizes, continuously recycling your dabs and keeping the banger neck clear of residue.  This is a very efficient piece for using all your concentrates with little leftover.

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