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Cheech 16" Retro Showerhead Beaker

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Add some retro flair to your smoking setup with the Cheech 16" Retro Showerhead Beaker. This high-quality bong stands at 16 inches tall and features a colorful, zigzagging design that is sure to impress. The beaker shape of the bong allows for ample smoke production, making each hit smooth and satisfying. The bong is equipped with a 45°, 14mm bowl joint and comes with a horn bowl for added style. The showerhead perc helps to filter and cool the smoke, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. The bong has a 12mm base for stability and durability. Please note that the bong is available in assorted colors and we cannot guarantee the availability of a specific color. Upgrade your smoking experience with the Cheech Retro Showerhead Beaker.