Cheech & Chong Gold Decal 14mm Bong Bowl – Mary Jane's Headquarters

Cheech & Chong Gold Decal 14mm Bong Bowl

$ 19.99

Upgrading their recent 14mm bowl release with a slick gold-based decal of the stoner comedy giants, Cheech & Chong, these 14mm bong bowls will be sure to add that extra level of fancifulness to whatever kind of bong you're rocking!  An excellent accessory if you've broken you're bong bowl or just need a bong cone to class up your bong.

 - 14mm only

- Colours available in Teal, Smoke, Black, Colour Changing and Clear! NEAT!

* Note We do not include any of the Original Cheech & Chong Packaging due to issues with damage and shipping costs. Thank you for your understanding!