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Deluxe Daddy Stationary Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Being a MASSIVE upgrade from the Original Vapour Daddy, the new-and-improved Deluxe Daddy is worth every letter in that title!

Efficient, user-friendly and extremely simple to maintain, the Deluxe Daddy stationary dry herb vaporizer boasts a patented removable heating assembly - making this the world's ONLY vaporizer in which you can replace parts down to the heating element itself.

Total. Insanity.

Rocking a very agreeable 3 year warranty, the Canadian-made Deluxe Daddy has been a longtime tried-and-true and coveted vaporizer among our local customers with nothing but positive feedback.

And that shit is dope!


- Wood colours may vary; please call us at 250-491-9345 for availability!


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