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$ 27.99

Dreamcatchers are ancient spiritual tools used to protect the sleeper from bad dreams. According to tradition, a dreamcatcher should be hung over the place you sleep, where the morning light can hit it. All dreams will then filter through the dreamcatcher, and good dreams will glide down the feathers to the sleeper below while bad dreams will get caught in the web and be destroyed by the first beam of morning light. Our dreamcatchers come in a variety of styles to suit your personal taste and spiritual needs. The Black Magic dreamcatcher is made with tightly wrapped black faux suede and adorned with natural black feathers. The Sky Spirit dreamcatcher is cleverly wrapped in faux blue suede and features matching blue feathers. The Chakras dreamcatcher is a seven tiered woven dreamcatcher assembled with vibrant elements, each representing one of the seven chakras. The Yin Yang dreamcatcher is adorned with many Yin Yang symbols and black and white feathers, to help inspire personal and spiritual growth. The Yin Yang Chakras dreamcatcher combines the energy of the Yin Yang symbol with the attributes of the chakra colors to aid in healing work. The Evil Eye dreamcatcher is designed in the shape of an eye and is believed to protect the wearer from negative energy transmitted through bad looks charged with envy, fear, resentment, or other negative thoughts. The Seven Chakra Butterflies dreamcatcher features butterflies representing each of the seven chakras, hanging in ascending order on a beautiful inspired mobile. The Triple Moon dreamcatcher is a black woven dreamcatcher adorned with a double row of white feathers. Choose the dreamcatcher that speaks to you and bring its unique energy and protection to your home.