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$ 27.99

Dream catchers are an ancient spiritual tool used to protect the sleeper from bad dreams. A Dream catcher should be hung over the place you sleep and where the morning light can hit it. All dreams will then filter through the Dream catcher, where good dreams will glide down the feathers to the sleeper below and bad dreams will get caught in the web and be destroyed by the first beam of morning light.

Black Magic: This traditionally styled Dream catcher has been made with tightly wrapped black faux suede. Natural black feathers flow from beaded strands adding movement and style to this striking catcher.

Sky Spirit: To this magnificent Sky Spirit dream catcher has been cleverly wrapped a faux blue suede lining with matching blue feathers flowing from faux suede beaded strands to complete the design of this unique Dream Catcher. 

Chakras: This stunning seven tiered woven Dream catcher is perfectly assembled with harmonious vibrant elements. Each color represents one of the seven chakras. Feathers in matching shades flow from beaded strands, adding texture and movement to this beautiful Dream catcher. 

Ying Yang: Feel and enjoy balance with our Yin Yang Dream catcher. Adorned with many Yin Yang symbols to which are attached black and white feathers, this outstanding dream catcher is surely bound to inspire personal and spiritual growth.

Ying Yang Chakras: You will appreciate the energy generated by the combination of both, Yin-Yang symbol and Chakra colour’s attribute in this unique dream catcher. Each woven Yin-Yang symbol is enhanced with a Chakra colour to help with healing work.

Evil Eye: Designed in the shape of an eye with beautiful dangling feathers, our woven dream catcher will bring protection where needed. This amulet originates from Turkey, where it was believed that when people looked at each other, they could transmit their bad energy with only one look. Wearing this Evil Eye amulet can protect you from bad looks that are charged with envy, fear, resentment or other negative thought.

Seven Chakras Butterfies:  Seven Chakra Butterflies hang in ascending order on this beautiful inspired mobile. Each Butterfly represents one of the chakras and its associated colour. Beads strands add movement and texture. 

Triple Moon:  A beautiful black woven triple moon dream catcher adorned with a double row of white feathers will undoubtedly catch anyone’s eye. This unique piece will add meaning and inspiration to any space or room.