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Detoxify Everclean Herbal 5 Day Cleansing Program

$ 109.99

Detoxify Brand's Everclean Herbal Cleanse is an extensive detox program designed to remove toxins and impurities in the body over a span of 5 days. Of all of our intensive cleansing products, theEverclean Herbal Cleanse is King. Over the 5 intensive days of cleansing, it's proprietary blend of fruit fibres, burdock root, nettle, green tea extract, and uva ursi leaf help improve the heath of a wide variety of bodily systems including the liver, kidney, urinary, digestive, and circulatory functions. To add to the goodness, the Everclean Herbal Cleanse also supports your bodily systems by replenishing vital minerals and vitamins lost during it's intensive cleansing. With only five 4 fluid oz bottles to drink daily, fully cleansing your body is easier and more stress-free than ever!

Everclean Pre-Cleansing Instructions:

  1. First thing in the morning, drink one bottle of the Pre-Cleansing Blend (red bottle), followed immediately by one 16 oz glass of water. Be sure not to drink too fast or too slow!
  2. During any cleanse whatsoever, it's important to stay adequately hydrated. So, throughout the day, drink and additional five 16 oz glasses of water, tea, juice, or coffee (but water is best).
  3. It's also important that you don't bog your cleanse down by eating big meals. To help avoid this, eat lighter meals throughout the day, including plenty of fruit, vegetables, and fibre.

Everclean Intensive Cleansing Instructions:

  1. On your FINAL INTENSIVE CLEANSING DAY, shake the Intensive Cleansing Blend (green bottle) well and drink the entire contents of the bottle.
  2. Wait for 15 minutes before drinking a 32 oz glass of water. Remember not to drink too quickly or too slowly.
  3. At this point, it's important to urinate frequently. Going as many times as 3-4 indicates that the Final Intensive Cleansing Blend is working it's magic.
  4. You may drink 16oz of water once every 2 hours after using your final Everclean to help extend it's cleansing benefits throughout the day.

Everclean Helpful Hints:

  1. This product is intended for periodic intensive cleansing that is already a part of an ongoing cleanse routine. In layman's terms, drink water and 100% Cranberry Juice (not cocktail versions).
  2. While cleansing, avoid eating fatty and greasy foods. The more raw fruits and vegetables you can get your hands on during your cleanse, the better! Toxins are stored in Fat; therefore, more fat equals more toxins.
  3. Detoxify Brand recommend that any pregnant or breast-feeding women should consult with their physician before utilizing this particular product. Can't be too careful!
  4. Remember: there are lot of naturally-detoxifying herbal extracts in this cleanse. So by the second day or so, don't be alarmed if you have to visit the bathroom every 20-30 minutes or begin to feel a little jittery. These reactions are completely normal and this is simply your body's way of signalling to you that it's undergoing quite the extensive cleanse. So click your heels and relax knowing that you've got one of the best cleansing programs out there!