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GRAV Gem-In-Eye 510 Vape Battery

$ 54.99

The GRAV Gem-in-Eye vape pen battery is a sleek little gadget that brings duality and adaptability to the vaping experience. Equipped with an auto-inhale function, there’s no need to need to fiddle with tiny buttons. The vape pen battery’s haptic feedback gives you a gentle buzz after you’ve inhaled for 3 seconds so you can manage your dosage. A rubberized body and unique trapezoid-inspired shape rests comfortably in your hand and sits flat in your pocket. Three smart power modes are indicated by a multi-coloured LED display to let you control the temperature. Get the THC or CBD oil in your 510 cartridge heated up just how you like it. The Gem-in-Eye is compact and stylish on its own. But you can also snap two magnetic vapes together for a handy dual vape experience.

GRAV 510 Vape Pen Features:

  • Compatible with Concentrates
  • Magnetic Body
  • Dual Pen Pairing Option
  • 3 Smart Power Modes
  • Haptic Feedback
  • 510 Cartridge Compatible
  • Auto Inhale Function