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Headdies DabVac

$ 69.99

The Headdies DabVac bong adapter allows you to vaporize concentrates in a totally new way. The Headdies DabVac is a nail and dabber in one and all you need is a torch, bong, and your concentrates to get started. The Headdies DabVac is made of a quality German glass joint.

The DabVac is made in America and features surgical grade latex and Headdies signature 22 karat gold labels. To use simply place your concentrate or oil into the bowl and heat the glass rod with a torch, like you would with a nail. Once vaping temperature has been reached, the glass rod is placed into the bowl which vaporizes the concentrates within. As you hit the pipe, vapor is sucked from the bowl, through the latex tubing and into your bong. It’s an incredibly efficient way of enjoying your favorite oils and waxes without the need for any nails or vapor domes!