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High Tea: All-Natural Cannabis Recipes for Relaxation and Wellness by Sandra Hinchcliffe

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With High Tea, author Sandra Hinchliffe writes a totally new chapter in tea culture and the culinary art of cannabis cuisine.

Teas, tisanes, broths, and bhang's are all exquisite ways to infuse marijuana for medicine or pleasure. With more than 75 recipes using a fascinating array of the finest teas, herbs, and ingredients, High Tea will show you how to create sensational flavours, select moods, and serve all of the good vibrations the cannabis plant has to offer:

  • Learn the methods of serving moderate doses of cannabinoids like THC with a fast onset to ensure a therapeutic and enjoyable experience for both the cannabis novice and the experienced connoisseur.
  • Discover the magic of the terpene entourage for cannabis tea, tisane, and broth: Turn on, taste it, drop in, and welcome back the fragrance, flavour, and vibes that you’ve been missing.
  • Delight your guests with creamy bhang's and cannabis chai—perfect for a holiday celebration or any occasion.
  • Enjoy teas and treats featuring CBD! Relaxation without the high!

Everyone will enjoy the savoury and sweet bites from Sandra’s sensitivity kitchen to quell the munchies. In addition, High Tea also includes a selection of simple, fresh, and elegant fare to pair with your teatime, anytime!