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Preemo9 inch 16-Arm Tree Perc Base

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The Preemo 9" 16-Arm Tree Percolator Base is a type of water pipe or bong used for smoking cannabis or tobacco. It features a 16-arm tree percolator, which is designed to diffuse smoke by breaking it up into smaller bubbles, resulting in a smoother and cooler hit.

The bong comes with a herb bowl for placing the material to be smoked. It also has a K-Clip, which is a clip that holds the bowl in place and prevents it from accidentally falling out.

The glass used in the bong has a thickness of 7mm, making it sturdy and durable. The joint size is 19mm, which refers to the diameter of the opening where the bowl piece is inserted. The chamber diameter is 115mm, which indicates the width of the main chamber of the bong. The base diameter is 160mm, which provides stability and prevents the bong from tipping over easily.

Overall, the Preemo 9" 16-Arm Tree Percolator Base is a high-quality water pipe that offers a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. Its 16-arm tree percolator, herb bowl, and K-Clip make it a popular choice among smoking enthusiasts who value functionality and ease of use. The thick glass and large base provide stability and ensure that the bong will last for many smoking sessions.