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Simple Glass Bubblers

$ 39.99

These simple glass bubblers each come in a unique style with a mix of colors and offer a nice middle ground between a bong and pipe. 

5" Tall Clear Sherlock Bubbler with Rasta Striping: Just a nice simple rasta bubbler...

6" Long Raked Hammer Bubbler with Spiral Mouthpiece: At 6" this piece is a little longer than its counterparts and hits smooth. 

Lazy Bub: No, not your lazy uncle Bubba, the compact laydown bubbler you're gonna love even more.

Large Frit Sidecar Bubbler w/ Color Spots: Large and fritted bubbler with a sidecar positioned bowl, and beautifully blown glass designs with coloured spots. This super cool bubbler loads at the side and allows for excellent, large and smooth pulls.