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Three Secrets to Reiki Tao Te Qi, The - by Idris Lahore


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Recognized for its support of self healing and overall well being, Reiki is now used in hospitals throughout the world. Commonly viewed as a Japanese healing art, the practice of Reiki originated with the Chen Yen masters of China, who called it Tao Te Qi. Transmitted to Idris Lahore by his grandfather, a direct student of Master Huang Zhen Hui, Reiki Tao Te Qi offers students of Reiki a deeper understanding of the Reiki principles and new ways to enrich the effectiveness of their practice.

Revealing sanmitsu the three Reiki secrets of the Tao Te Qi physical, emotional, and mental centers this fully illustrated guide covers the 1st-, 2nd , and 3rd degree Reiki training courses and initiations as first taught by the Chen Yen masters of China. Exploring the history of Reiki in China as well as its earliest roots in Indian ayurveda, yoga, and tantra, the book explains the Three Pillars of Reiki Ajikan (meditation), Nei Gong (techniques of protection, detoxification, and intention), and Chiryo (intuition and the laying on of hands). This book also offers chapters on Reiki as a spiritual path, the ethical principles of Reiki, and Reikis relationship to psychogenealogy and ancestral healing. Outlining invaluable preparation techniques for more effective practice as well as ways to use Reiki to harmonize the chakras, this guide shows how Reiki Tao Te Qi can transform even the most negative energies into harmonizing, curative, creative energies.