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U-Test Drug Tests

$ 19.99

U-Tests are a line of extremely handy self-testing kits used to detect set arrays of metabolites in an individual's urine (depending on which kit you're utilizing). They're FDA-approved, only require one step for use and are fairly easy to read/understand as long as you're willing to read/understand the instructions!

Here at Mary Jane's Headquarters, the uTests come available in four different versions (1-Panel, 3-Panel, 5-Panel, and a Meter Test) and each focus on specific metabolites as well as thresholds therein. Also, exactly like official urine tests one would encounter in the outside world, the uTests are geared to detect nanograms per millilitre with an impressive 99.9% accuracy. Hooray, science!


Breakin' it on Down:

  • A 1-Panel Kit tests for THC 20ng
  • A 3-Panel Kit tests for THC 20ng as well as Cocaine 300ng and Meth 1000ng
  • A 5-Panel Kit tests for the above three as well as PCP 25ng and Opiates 2000ng
  • A THC uTest-O-Meter tests at multiple thresholds from 20ng to 200ng


  1. Bring the uTest pouch to room temperature (15-30 C) and remove from foil.
  2. Remove cap and insert the absorbent end into the urine sample. Do NOT exceed the ‰ÛÏMax Urine Level‰۝ and do NOT let the urine touch the plastic device.
  3. Leave the absorbent end in the sample until the control (‰ÛÏC‰۝) line appears.
  4. Replace cap back onto the absorbent end and lay the uTest on a flat surface.
  5. Read results in 5 minutes and DO NOT INTERPRET after 10 minutes.

If it's Negative (clean):

Two lines will appear, one next to the ‰ÛÏC‰۝ and one next to the ‰ÛÏT‰۝.

If it's Positive (dirty):

Only one line appears next to the ‰ÛÏC‰۝ and no line next to the ‰ÛÏT‰۝.

Helpful Hints:

  1. It's important to note that the exact shade of the ‰ÛÏT‰۝ line can vary. However, it should be considered negative whenever there is even a faint line.
  2. A person's urine will always be more toxin-filled in the morning than it is in the evening.
  3. This test only provides a preliminary test result. So, for example in a job setting, a certified laboratory may be utilized to confirm a test result via chromatography/mass spectrometry.
  4. Drinking too much water prior to testing can potentially give the user a possible false-negative reading! Watch out for that!

Additional Information:

Should you have any lingering questions or concerns, feel free to contact uTest's manufacturer by phone at 1-877-660-TEST(8378), by email at results@utestdrugtesting.com, or simply check out their website at www.utestdrugtesting.com.