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Wood Incense Holders

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Introducing our unique and beautifully designed wood incense holders. Each one features a different and intricate design, sure to add a touch of spirituality and style to your home. The Saraswati holder is molded from powdered turquoise and resin, and features a figurine of the revered goddess. The Sun holder is adorned with a stunning sun design, perfect for bringing warmth and positivity into your space. The Pentacle holder showcases a mesmerizing white silhouetted image of three pentacles, woven together by circles. The Dragon holder is painted red and features the silhouetted image of a powerful black dragon. The Goddess holder is painted violet and showcases the ethereal image of a moon goddess. And the Leaves holder is adorned with a beautiful leaf design, perfect for bringing a touch of nature into your home. Choose the one that speaks to you and elevate your incense burning experience with one of these stunning wood incense holders.