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Yocan b-smart Charger

$ 4.99

The Yocan B-Smart USB charging adapter converts the Yocan B-Smart battery’s 510-threaded port to a USB tip. This allows the user to easily recharge depleted Yocan B-Smart Batteries as well as other 510-threaded Yocan batteries. The Yocan B-Smart USB charging adapter was designed and engineered to provide an efficient and effective means of recharging 510-threaded batteries without using a traditional 510-threaded battery charger. The Yocan B-Smart USB charging adapter allows the user to experience and enjoy the same comfort and convenience of using USB chargers while using a 510-threaded battery. Sold as a display of 50 chargers.

B-Smart Charger Features:

  • 510-Threaded
  • Converts 510-Threaded Battery to USB
  • LED Light Indicator
  • Adapter for Yocan B-Smart Battery
  • Display of 50 Chargers