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Yocan Magneto Vaporizer Pen

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Yocan introduces an updated 2020 edition of the Magneto Wax Pen Vaporizer Kit with magnetic connections for easy loading. The Magneto features a magnetic coil cap with built-in dab tool, built-in silicone jar, magnetic mouthpiece and a revolutionary ceramic Miracle coil for incredible hits with a smooth, clean taste. 

This vape has a lot more to offer than just nifty construction, as it also comes with a handy little carb cap that doubles as a dabbing tool. This tool will certainly be necessary, as will the built-in silicone jar located at the base, to store your wax or concentrates while on the go! All of these features and more are crammed into this discreet little vaporizer, which only sits at 4.5" tall! Discreet, powerful, and packed full of features, this little vape can't let you down!