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Cheech Glass

About Cheech Glass:

Cheech Glass is a Canadian based glass bong manufacturer that was founded in Toronto, Ontario back in 2010. The entrepreneur behind the brand of popular bongs/water pipes shared the nickname “Cheech” with the famous actor, comic, and legendary cannabis enthusiast - Cheech Marin. The company was formed with the primary focus of bringing high-quality glass to consumers at accessible prices. Their focus on unique designs and quality glassware at affordable prices quickly leading to them being referred to by fans as “The Peoples Glass”.

Cheech Glass became officially licensed and endorsed by Cheech Marin himself, which has helped strengthen their branding With extensive online campaigns to create brand awareness, as well as a push to many small local distributors, Cheech Glass quickly moved to the forefront of the Canadian glass market, as well as international recognition. Mary Jane's Headquarters is proud to offer high-quality Bongs, Dab Rigs, Pipes and accessories from Cheech Glass in all of our stores