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Magical Butter 21UP Gummy Trays

$ 24.99

Introducing the Magical Butter 21UP Gummy Trays - the ultimate way to create your own custom gummy candies! Say goodbye to boring gummy bears and hello to unique gummy squares, perfect for adults who want to indulge in a delicious and effective way. Our 21UP Gummy molds feature the signature Magical “21UP” logo engraving, ensuring that every piece is for adult consumption. Made from 100% food grade silicone, each mold produces 15 gummy squares, for a total of 30 per set. With each square measuring a perfect 8ml for dosing, our molds provide an easy way to customize your consumption. The snap-on lid doubles as a storage container, keeping your creations fresh and free from fridge and freezer odors. Plus, our molds are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and resistant to stains and odors. Get creative with your gummies and try making hard candies, chocolates, or even dog treats - the possibilities are endless! Choose from our 8ml, 10ml, or 2ml sizes and enjoy the benefits of our durable, flexible, and non-toxic BPA-free silicone molds. Keep your loved ones safe with the clear 21UP mark, and indulge in the ultimate gummy making experience with Magical Butter.