Extreme Q Digital Vaporizer 4.0 by Arizer – Mary Jane's Headquarters

Extreme Q Digital 4.0 Stationary Dry Herb Vaporizer

$ 219.99

Redesigned and reengineered with a prime focus on improved performance, more silent inner mechanisms, longevity and overall quality, Arizer's Extreme Q Digital Vaporizer 4.0 truly offers the all-in-one package!

Using only glass parts, the Extreme Q has all the features you would expect from a high-end stationary dry herb vaporizer including a multi-function remote control, both balloon and whip delivery methods, and a digital temperature LCD read-out.

The Extreme Q is not just a vaporizer, it also works as a steamer, oil diffuser, and potpourri warmer. The Extreme Q Vaporizer combines unmatched versatility with durable performance at an excellent price!


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