RYOT Acrylic Dugout One Hitters - Mary Jane's Headquarters

RYOT Acrylic Dugout One Hitters

$ 44.99

Not to be outdone by their wooden dugout cousins, RYOT also makes a near overwhelmingly huge line of acrylic-based dugout one hitters. Not to worry, they still come with a metal one-hitter inside. They also come with a magnetized cleaner device on the bottom that will get your one hitter out of any clogged situation. This crowd just seems to be a little more fancypants about it!

What is really unique about this lineup of acrylics is that because of the material, no two similar dugouts will EVER look identical!!

 - Sizes available in Small and Large

- Colours available in Blue/Black, Clear, Green/Black, Purple/White, White/Black, Yellow/Black and Red/Black!