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Raw Rolling Tips

$ 0.75

Discover the perfect complement to your RAW rolling papers with RAW Tips – the preferred choice for our local connoisseurs. Each budget-friendly booklet packs a whopping 50 individual tips, ensuring your smoking sessions are never short of perfection.

Why Choose RAW Tips?

  1. Uncompromising Quality: Crafted with the same dedication as RAW rolling papers, RAW Tips maintain a reputation for excellence.

  2. Chemical-Free: Just like their rolling paper counterparts, RAW Tips are 100% chlorine and chemical-free, ensuring a clean and pure smoking experience.

  3. Versatile Styles: Available in both Normal and Extra Wide styles, you have the flexibility to customize your roll to perfection.

Elevate your rolling game with RAW Tips, trusted by discerning smokers worldwide. Unlock the true potential of your smoking experience today!