Santa Cruz 4-Piece Herb Grinder - Mary Jane's Headquarters

Santa Cruz 4-Piece Herb Grinder

$ 69.99

Santa Cruz is the best weed grinder on the market.  The Santa Cruz Herb Grinder is made with an aerospace aluminum material which because of its high grade nature leaves less sticky problems compared to a lower grade aluminum.  It sports a very heavy duty magnet that will be sure to keep your storage safe on the move.  

4 piece herb grinders are a thing of genius.  The first layer features a proprietary square tooth design.  The square grinder teeth mate with each other to cut the herb as opposed to shredding it. This gives what that staff at Mary Jane's Headquarters think to be the best consistency among herb grinders.

The second stage offers a nice size weed storage that sits on a screen that is not too course and not too fine.  The screen cuts the trichomes off the weed to turn it into a layer of kief.  The Kief can be found on the bottom chamber of the herb grinder.  This chamber features rounded corners and a pick to make collecting your kief a breeze.  

In terms of weed grinders, this thing is the best of the best.