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Hippo Glass Fumed Heady Hammer

$ 224.99

The Hippo Glass Fumed Heady Hammer is a stunning example of artistic glasswork combined with functional design, making it a standout piece for any collection. This handcrafted glass pipe resembles the classic hammer silhouette, known for its ergonomic grip and stable base, allowing it to rest upright when not in use.

Crafted by skilled glass artist Hippo Glass this piece features intricate fuming techniques that create a mesmerizing, iridescent look. Fumed glass changes color over time as it interacts with the heat and smoke, providing a visual experience that evolves with use. The 'heady' aspect of this hammer refers to its unique, one-of-a-kind artistic elements, often incorporating vibrant colors, detailed patterns, and textures that are sure to catch the eye.

Ideal for those who appreciate both art and function in their smoking accessories, the Hippo Glass Fumed Heady Hammer not only delivers a superior smoking experience but also serves as a striking display piece. Its robust build and careful craftsmanship ensure it can be a long-lasting and cherished part of any enthusiast's collection.