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milkyway Light Blue Frit Oxidate 11″

$ 219.99

The lungs on the Oxidate glass beaker symbolizes the key role that oxygen plays in the transitions of biological life from one stage to another.   This technology began with the Pherah, who are the source of all Bio-Tech as we know it.

2.73 million light-years from Earth, there lives an alien species, known as the ‘Pherah’. This advanced species colonized the entire Triangulum galaxy with the development of two forms of technology: Quantum-Tech and Bio-Tech. 

The Pherah have the power to manipulate dark matter and gravity with the creation of their Quantum-Tech. They are unstoppable with it. They can generate energy, mold solar systems and create entirely new galaxies. 

Bio-Tech is the heart, brains, and breath of their operation. Using their Bio-Tech technology, the Pherah can terraform planets in a mere morsel of time. The fruit of their intelligence is the biological life generated by resonating ‘M-Wave’ frequencies that are emitted by sub-atomic particles.  Their technology is able to force chain amino acids to evolve to a complexity that would otherwise take millions of years.  

The Pherah are peaceful people, interested in science and exploration. They do not believe in interfering in the affairs of alien civilizations.  They prefer to observe from a distance, rarely interacting with any alien individual.

With their intelligence, the Pherah can create all from nothing. Look what they have accomplished already: the Triangulum galaxy was once a distant land, vacant and dormant, its many solar systems incapable of holding life in any form. With Bio-Tech, they are able to turn a desert into an oasis teeming with life.

The Triangulum galaxy was the cradle of their ascendance. As the Pherah venture further out, they come in contact with the Milkyway galaxy, with them they carry three Bio-Tech orbs, with the intention of spreading their DNA…