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Nice Glass Mould-Made Color Bowl

$ 14.99

Add a splash of color and style to your smoking setup with the Nice Glass Mould-Made Color Bowl. Expertly crafted for both aesthetic appeal and functionality, this bowl is a perfect addition to any glass collection.

Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, the Nice Glass Mould-Made Color Bowl ensures durability and resistance to heat. Its mould-made construction provides a uniform and precise shape, resulting in a consistent and reliable performance. The vibrant colors add a unique and eye-catching element, making this bowl a standout piece.

The spacious bowl design allows for ample packing, making it ideal for extended sessions. The well-crafted airflow holes ensure even burning and smooth smoke delivery, enhancing the overall smoking experience. Its universal fit makes it compatible with most standard bong setups, offering versatility and convenience.

Enhance your smoking sessions with the Nice Glass Mould-Made Color Bowl, combining durability, style, and performance in one elegant piece. Enjoy a superior smoking experience every time with this beautifully designed bowl