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Red Eye 11" Dual Chamber Beaker Tube

$ 99.99

The 11" Dual Chamber Beaker Tube by Red Eye Glass is a well-designed and functional water pipe that offers a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

This beaker tube is made by Red Eye Glass, known for their high-quality glassware. With a height of 11 inches, it provides a comfortable size that is easy to handle and transport.

The dual chamber design is a notable feature of this water pipe. It consists of two separate chambers that help to filter and cool the smoke as it travels through the pipe. The first chamber serves as a percolator, containing various diffusion features such as slits or holes that break up the smoke, creating bubbles and increasing surface area for better filtration. The second chamber further cools down the smoke before it reaches your lungs, resulting in smoother hits.

The beaker base design provides stability and balance to the water pipe. This shape allows for a larger water volume, enhancing the filtration and cooling capabilities of the pipe. It also makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Red Eye Glass is known for their attention to detail, and this water pipe is no exception. The glass used in its construction is of high quality, ensuring durability and resistance to heat. The joints and connections are well-made, providing a secure and airtight seal.

Overall, the 11" Dual Chamber Beaker Tube by Red Eye Glass offers a combination of functionality and craftsmanship. Its dual chamber design, beaker base, and high-quality construction make it a reliable and enjoyable smoking accessory for those seeking smooth hits and efficient filtration.