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Resubscribe To Our Store Mailing List

A little over 6 months (and approximately 123,543 bong rips) ago, we split our online store into two separate sites (U.S. & Canadian) so that we could create a smoother & more cost-friendly experience for all of our session buds such as yourself {{ contact.first_name }}. 

Once we got to the bottom of that stash, we realized that as the world around us continues to move forward and change (in ways that we're frankly too stoned to keep up with) that combining our 2 stores back into 1 was the best way to continue to achieve these goals and serve our customers. 

What Does This Mean For You?

A couple of things, actually.

  1. Most importantly it means that if you want to continue being subscribed to our mailing list for first dibs on exclusive dope deals and insider headshop knowledge then you will need to re-subscribe to our mailing list right away!

    Simply your details in for us again above (don't worry, it will only take you 10 seconds to complete)!

    We'll even send you a 20% OFF* discount 🤑 to use off your next purchase in May (because we truly appreciate you sticking with us through these transitions)! 

  2. The product prices on the store will still be shown in USD (🇺🇸) to customers located in the U.S. while shopping, HOWEVER these prices will be converted to CAD (🇨🇦) at checkout. We've linked a currency calculator for your convenience so you can verify the price yourself... just in case things seem a little hazy at first...

  3. Free shipping will be offered on all orders placed over 200 Canadian Dollars (order totals in USD will be automatically converted at checkout - 200 Canadian Dollars currently equals $200 CAD). 

We'd hate to fire up a fat one next time and realize you weren't in circle, so sign-up above above to re-subscribe today and enjoy your 20% OFF* coupon immediately!