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12.5" 3D-Wrap Dark Hero Beaker

$ 159.99

Introducing the Nice Glass 12.5" 3D-Wrap Dark Hero Beaker - Elevate your smoking experience with style and functionality!

Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, this beaker guarantees durability and heat resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance for your smoking sessions. The 7mm thickness adds sturdiness to the piece, making it a reliable companion for both novices and seasoned smokers.

Adorned with a mesmerizing 3D Wrap design, this beaker showcases intricate artistry that sets it apart from ordinary glass pieces. The small windows offer a glimpse into the filtration process, making your smoking experience even more captivating.

Equipped with a 14mm joint size, it seamlessly fits various accessories and enhances the overall smoking experience. The 120mm base diameter ensures stability, preventing accidental tipping during use.

Discover a hidden delight with the ice notches, designed to accommodate ice cubes for a smoother and cooler hit. The slitted downstem further enhances the filtration process, delivering clean and smooth rips every time.

To add to its allure, the 3D parts are meticulously crafted with pyrex glass, showcasing the level of attention to detail that goes into creating this masterpiece.

Unleash the hero within and indulge in an extraordinary smoking adventure with the Nice Glass 12.5" 3D-Wrap Dark Hero Beaker. Embrace art, functionality, and quality in one exceptional piece - your ultimate smoking companion awaits!