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12.5" 3D-Wrap Monster Eyes Beaker

$ 159.99

Introducing the Nice Glass 12.5" 3D-Wrap Monster Eyes Beaker - A true work of art that watches over your smoking experience!

Crafted from premium borosilicate glass, this beaker offers unmatched durability and heat resistance, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting piece for your smoking pleasure. The 14mm joint size allows for easy customization and seamless compatibility with various accessories.

Behold the captivating 3D Wrap design, featuring hand-painted bright red eyes that encompass the entire glass. From every angle, these mesmerizing eyes lock onto you, creating a unique and immersive smoking experience.

Designed with functionality in mind, this beaker comes with ice notches, enabling you to add ice for cooler hits, delivering a smoother smoking sensation. The slitted downstem and glass bowl work in harmony to provide efficient filtration and impeccable taste.

With the Nice Glass 12.5" 3D-Wrap Monster Eyes Beaker in hand, you'll be the center of attention during smoking sessions with your buddies. The combination of artistry and functionality makes this glass a truly standout piece in any smoking collection.

As an added bonus, the 3D parts are meticulously crafted with pyrex glass, ensuring both durability and visual appeal.

Unleash the inner monster and elevate your smoking sessions with the Nice Glass 12.5" 3D-Wrap Monster Eyes Beaker - An eye-catching masterpiece that guarantees unforgettable smoking adventures!