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15" Water Pipe Brush - Bright Multi-Colour Assorted

$ 12.99

Simplify your water pipe cleaning routine with the 15" Water Pipe Brush in a vibrant and eye-catching bright multi-color assortment. Created by Infyniti, these pipe cleaners are specifically designed to reach those challenging areas, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning experience.

Crafted with durability and flexibility in mind, these pipe cleaners are built to last. The tough yet pliable construction allows you to maneuver them with ease, while the tiny bristles work diligently to scrub away tough resin and residue. With each stroke, you'll be able to restore your water pipe to its original cleanliness, ensuring a fresh and enjoyable smoking experience.

The 15" length of these pipe cleaners provides optimal reach, allowing you to access even the most hard-to-reach places in your water pipe. From the stem to the bowl and beyond, these cleaners are designed to tackle built-up residue, ensuring your water pipe performs at its best.

Featuring a bright multi-color assortment, these pipe cleaners add a splash of fun and personality to your cleaning routine. Each cleaner stands out with its own vibrant color, making them easy to identify and differentiate. Embrace the bright colors as you embark on your cleaning journey.

Infyniti pipe cleaners are the trusted choice for smokers who value cleanliness and maintenance. With their durable construction and effective bristles, these cleaners offer a reliable solution for keeping your water pipe in optimal condition.

Upgrade your cleaning game with the 15" Water Pipe Brush - Bright Multi-Color Assorted by Infyniti. Let the tough and flexible bristles scrub away tough resin, ensuring your water pipe is fresh and ready for your next smoking session.