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420 Science Clear Glass Pop-Top Cosmic Skull Jar

$ 21.99

Celebrating over 10 years manufacturing some of the greatest looking sealed glass jars around, 420 Science has absolutely dominated the glass jar scene - and we couldn't be more okay with that fact!

Each glass pop-top jar by 420 Science is made with a solid glass lid with an airtight plastic gasket - guaranteed to keep your shrubberies nice and fresh! The glass is machine blown and is done so proudly by our close neighbor, the United States.

Also, there's no need to worry about the decal on your glass degrading.... it won't happen! Every glass decal you see is 100% permanent. We likey!


What Holds What:

- Extra Small - 1/8 oz

- Small - 1/4 oz

- Medium - 1/2 oz

- Large - 3/4 oz

- Extra Large - 1.5 oz

- Extra Extra Large - 2 oz