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420 Wipes by 420 Science

$ 0.10

Introducing 420 Wipes - The ultimate solution for keeping your hands and vape tools gunk-free, specially designed for the masterful concentrate makers out there!

Crafted with the tastiest concentrates in mind, these wipes are your go-to tool for a clean and enjoyable dabbing experience. Simply open one up, and you're ready to work your magic!

Choose between individual wipes or a full box for your convenience. And now, we're excited to announce the XL size, offering even more cleaning power in one wipe!

Please note, we regretfully cannot ship to the United States at this time.

Keep your concentrates at their best with 420 Wipes - the secret weapon for keeping your creations and equipment in top-notch condition! Grab yours today and elevate your dabbing game!