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6" Water Pipe Brush - Multi-Colour Pastel Assorted

$ 9.99

Make cleaning your water pipe a breeze with our 6" Water Pipe Brush in a delightful multi-color pastel assortment. Designed by Infyniti, these pipe cleaners are your go-to solution for reaching those hard-to-access areas and ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning experience.

Constructed with durability in mind, these pipe cleaners are tough yet flexible, allowing you to maneuver them with ease. The tiny bristles attached to the brush are specifically designed to scrub away tough resin and residue, leaving your water pipe looking and tasting fresh.

The 6" length of these pipe cleaners provides the ideal size for reaching all the nooks and crannies of your water pipe. Whether it's the stem, bowl, or intricate percolation system, these cleaners will efficiently remove built-up residue, ensuring optimal performance and flavor.

With their vibrant multi-color pastel assortment, these pipe cleaners not only serve a practical purpose but also add a touch of fun and personality to your cleaning routine. Each cleaner stands out with its own unique color, making them easy to spot and differentiate.

Infyniti pipe cleaners are the trusted choice for smokers who prioritize cleanliness and maintenance. With their tough construction and effective bristles, these cleaners offer a reliable solution for keeping your water pipe in pristine condition.

Upgrade your cleaning game with the 6" Water Pipe Brush - Multi-Color Pastel Assorted by Infyniti. Say goodbye to stubborn residue and enjoy a cleaner, smoother smoking experience.