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All-in-One Bong and Rig Kit

$ 124.99

Experience the ultimate smoking versatility with our All-in-One Bong and Rig Kit, a complete 11-piece set that caters to all your smoking needs! This exceptional kit includes everything you require for a seamless smoking session, all thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted.

The heart of this set is an 8" Beaker, delivering smooth and filtered hits for an enjoyable experience. The included Downstem and Herb Bowl ensure effortless packing and provide optimal airflow for rich and satisfying draws.

For concentrate enthusiasts, our kit features a premium Banger and Dab Tool. The Banger guarantees superior heat retention, while the Dab Tool allows precise handling of your favorite concentrates.

To streamline your smoking ritual, we've included essential accessories. A Grinder for preparing your herbs with ease, a Roll Tray for an organized setup, and a Stash Jar to keep your herbs fresh and secure.

Embracing both style and functionality, the All-in-One Kit comes in two captivating designs - the mesmerizing Ruki Beach pattern and the edgy and artistic skulls design. Choose the one that resonates with your personality and adds a unique touch to your smoking sessions.

Keeping convenience in mind, we've added a Silicone Concentrate Container for storing your concentrates safely and an Ashtray to keep your space tidy and clean.

Maintaining your kit is a breeze with the included Cleaning Brush, ensuring your equipment stays in pristine condition for endless enjoyable sessions.

Elevate your smoking experience with our exceptional All-in-One Bong and Rig Kit today. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or just beginning your journey, this comprehensive set promises to take your sessions to a whole new level of satisfaction and style. Don't miss out on the chance to own the ultimate smoking companion!