Cheech & Chong Moustache Ride Glass Hand Pipe – Mary Jane's Headquarters

Cheech & Chong Moustache Ride Glass Hand Pipe

$ 39.99

The fact that they've made these pipe's moustaches resemble Cheech Marin's is absolutely awesome as it is equally hilarious!

And don't even act like you won't burst out into quoting their movies mid-toke with one of these... • because we know you will.

With four classy colours to choose from, it's now just a matter of which Cheech & Chong glass hand pipe you'll wanna grab!

 - Colours available in Blue, Smoke, Colour Changing and Teal!

* Note We do not include any of the Original Cheech & Chong Packaging due to issues with damage and shipping costs. Thank you for your understanding!