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Simple Quartz Carb Caps

$ 17.99

Simple and affordabl quartz glass carp caps to get you dabbing in no time. 

Directional Flow Quartz Carb Cap: Need to splash that puddle around? Check out our new DAF Caps! Works great with our Bangers , Troughs , and Sumo Nails!

Mondo Dual Carb Cap: The 2.2" x 1.25" Mondo Dual Carb Cap features clear boro glass and a design that works well with banger and thermal nails.

Glass Carb Cap – Cactus:

Glass Carb Cap – Ducky:

UFO Banger Cap 1.1"/29mm: This cap works with most bangers, and the caps air intake allows it to create an oil-swirling convection chamber, for a really cool looking cap.

Quartz Carb Cap: A simple quartz carb cap, and though it may be simple, it will still add to your smoking experience.