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Happy Kits

$ 39.99

Mini Kit: Your pockets sized, slicker then ever Happy Kit. Whether you're on the run or on the slopes the Happy Kit Mini Is perfect for you!

Includes: Rolling paper, Filter tips, 1 hitter Pipe, Pouch pocket

Very Happy Kit: The Very Happy Kit is finally here! The ultimate kit for travel smoking, with everything you could ever need and more all contained inside. Take your sessions on the go and make them happy again!

Includes: Smell Proof, Waterproof, Shockproof slick case, 4pc Aluminum Grinder, 4'' thick Glass Pipe, King size rolling paper + filter tips, 1 1/4 rolling paper + filter tips, Doob tube, Wax container, 1 hitter pipe, Metal poker and Happiness

Fanny Pack Dab Kit: Now you can dab anywhere and at anytime! The Happy Fanny Pack Dab Kit by Happy Kit is a sleek and virtually smell proof case that is extremely portable and gives you everything you need to start dabbing on-the-go.

Includes: Happy Fanny Pack, 1x - Vapour Vessel, 2x - Silicone Dab Containers, 1x - Dab Tool and 1x - Butane Torch 

Happy Kit Deluxe: For all your smoking on-the-go needs. This sleek case is portable and gives you everything you need (and never have) right at your fingertips. Congratulations. You're everyone's new best friend.

Includes: 3' glass pipe (colors vary), plastic magnet grinder, cigarette tube, paper + tips, 1 hitter pipe, sleek happy kit case,

Happy Dab Kit: This sleek case is portable and gives you everything you need so start Dabbing. This is a virtually smell proof dab stash kit!

Includes: Slick Shock Proof Case, Nectar Collector, 2 x 5ML Wax Containers, Lighter and Metal Dab Tool