8" Pineapple Dab Rig by HemperTech Glass – Mary Jane's Headquarters
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8" Pineapple Dab Rig by HemperTech Glass

$ 99.99

This Pineapple dab rig by HEMPER stands 8" tall and features a Pineapple decorative splashguard! Modeled after those spherical splash guards that have become popular recently, this built-in Pineapple will prevent any potential splashback when using this piece!

Combine that with a Bent neck design which offers both aesthetic and functional qualities, and you’ve got a nearly perfect piece! Aesthetically, bent necks give a unique look to your glass piece, while functionally, bent necks move the mouthpiece further from the heat source, AND double as an additional splashguard!

-Joint Size; 14mm 90° Male