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High Five Duo Replacement Parts

$ 29.99

Are you looking for an E-Rig that truly rivals the performance of an E-Nail? Tired of E-Rigs that are constantly having internal issues, failing atomizers/components and having to deal with processing a warranty claim? Designed & Developed in Seattle, WA. DUO is the culmination of months of development and testing to provide an E-Rig that eliminates all the pitfalls of current E-Rigs on the market. Quality, Reliability & Functionality without sacrifice. If you're ready to elevate the way you vaporize look no further, the DUO is here but it takes two to tango.

Need replacement pieces? We have all of your High Five Duo replacement parts from Atomizers to Bowls so you can keep on dabbing with your favorite device.

Have a unique Puffco Peak Mouthpiece? Well you can now use that with your High Five Duo with the Puffco Peak Mouthpiece Adapter. 

Titanium & Quartz Bowl: Fits Inserts w/OD: 15mm and lower & Height: 8mm and lower