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Honeystick Plasma 510 Wax Tank Kit

$ 49.99
Plasma GQ technology is synonymous with connoisseur grade flavour and vaping and now it is available in 510 thread for your mod battery so you can dial it in and have some of the best tasting wax/dab rips on the planet. The Plasma 510 tank is a unique wax -Dab system where the concentrates are housed in a pure Quartz cup and do not come in contact with a coil to provide a pure vape experience.
This Quartz is electronically superheated to vaporize the contents within the bowl to allow you maximum taste within your wax. With a professional-grade chamber and mouthpiece created for comfort and flow pulls / rips will be silky smooth and maintain their purity. This unit has an operating range of 35-45 watts there is the power to be enjoyed as well as flavour.