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Hoss Full Color Beaker With Window 18"

$ 169.99

Discover the visually striking Hoss Full Color Beaker with Window, a stunning 18-inch water pipe that combines style and functionality. This beautifully crafted piece stands out with its full-color glass, available in a variety of vibrant hues that enhance its sleek, classic beaker shape. A unique feature is the clear glass window, allowing you to see the bubbling action and gauge the water level, making your smoking experience not only smoother but also more interactive.

The sturdy construction includes a thick glass base, ensuring stability and durability. Ideal for both everyday use and special occasions, the Hoss Full Color Beaker with Window is designed to provide a smooth smoking experience, enhanced by its ice pinch that allows for the addition of ice cubes to cool the smoke. This feature-rich beaker is a perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality, making it a standout addition to any collection.