Juicy Jay's 1-1/4 Rolling Papers – Mary Jane's Headquarters

Juicy Jay's 1-1/4 Rolling Papers

$ 3.00

Juicy Jay papers are designed to enhance the natural flavours of your tobacco. What's the secret? A slow process that not only flavours the paper, but also sweetens it. This process has been well-guarded for decades. Each pack of these sweet, aromatic papers are hand packed and add pleasure to the smoking experience.

Juicy Jay makes many flavours for different tastes including:

Juicy Jay Raspberry
Juicy Jay Blackberry Brandy
Juicy Jay Peach
Juicy Jay Candy Cane
Juicy Jay Watermelon
Juicy Jay Strawberry
Juicy Jay Coconut
Juicy Jay Banana
Juicy Jay Chocolate
Juicy Jay Orange
Juicy Jay Cherry
Juicy Jay Blueberry and more!

As of early 2010 there are a staggering 35 Juicy Jay flavours and more on the way!

In order to fully appreciate these flavoured papers, you should try one yourself! Simply lick one paper and you'll instantly understand why Juicy Jay Flavoured papers are so popular!!