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King Palm Flavored Wraps (Limited Edition)

$ 1.99

Every pack of King Palm Wraps comes with two flavored wraps and two flavored filter tips. Unlike our pre-rolled leaf cones, we’ve separated the pieces so you can roll your own product. King Palm wants you to have the option to control how you put your palm together. Roll yours thick, roll it thin; it’s up to you! Plus, you have the option to use your hands or a roller machine. Either way, you’ll want to lay the product in Palm’s flavored wrap, insert the flavored corn husk tip in alignment with the wrap so the edges match up, then roll up nice and tight! Once you have a nicely rolled palm, be sure to light it before squeezing the flavored filter tip to get maximum freshness from the flavor.


Biodegradable and All Natural

If you worry about the environmental impact of things you consume, you can breathe a sigh of relief with King Palm flavored wraps. King Palm wraps, as well as the corn husk filter tips, are 100% biodegradable. King Palm farmers harvest the leaves from the Cordia dichotomy, a native tree to Southeast Asia that produces heaps of leaves in a short period. King Palm farmers pluck and wash each leaf, then package them for ultimate freshness. King Palm flavored wraps are tobacco-free and additive-free. King Palm uses natural flavoring agents, like essential oils.


Corn Husk Flavored Filter Tip

The eco-friendliness doesn’t stop at the wrap. King Palm corn husk filter tips are all-natural and bio-degradable as well. The fibrous material of corn husks helps you achieve an inhale of smoke that is cooled down and smooth. Plus, corn husk is woven tightly enough to prevent any possibility of breathing in ash. With these filter tips, the only thing you’ll taste is the amazing natural vanilla flavor. Each filter tip contains a bead that can be squeezed to release the flavors. King Palm always uses only organically grown materials without any additives or harsh chemicals.