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King Palm Mini 24k Gold Wrapped Blunt Cone w/ Vanilla Flavor Filter

$ 14.99

Experience a luxurious pre-rolled organic leaf cone wrapped with real gold, and enjoy its rich and creamy vanilla-flavored filter tip. Activate the delicious flavor by squeezing the capsule located in the corn husk filter tip. Inside the capsule are terpenes infused in food-grade essential oil. No rolling skills are required.


  • 1 King Palm Mini Roll Wrapped in Real Gold Rolling Paper 
  • Vanilla Flavored Infused Terpenes. (Flavor Activates By Squeezing The Filter Tip)
  • Acrylic Packing Stick (Collector’s Item)

Hand Rolled Natural Leaf Cones Wrapped In Gold

Unlike other gold rolling papers, we wrap Cordia leaves in gold instead of paper. The result is a superior experience in smoothness and an extended smoke. The reason is that these leaves naturally burn slow, and their taste is barely noticeable. Therefore, before activating the Vanilla creme flavor, you can experience more taste from your smoke. Lastly, every King Palm has been pre-rolled for you by hand, and it’s held together with a paper band.

Luxurious Filter Tip Functionality 

The luxurious experience continues with the natural corn husk filter tip. It will effectively reduce the heat from the smoke that passes, allowing for a more pleasurable smoking experience. People have left reviews that our filter tips cool down the smoke such much that it reminds them of vaping. 


King’s palm enhances flavor better than any other flavored rolling paper option, and that’s because of infused terpenes. This method of delivering flavor provides a more flavorful smoke.