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King Palm Original Pre-Rolls

$ 14.99

Dive into a world of pure smoking satisfaction with King Palm Leaves - your passport to an unmatched, natural smoking experience. Meticulously crafted from all-natural Cordia leaves, these empty tubes present a flawless method for enjoying your preferred unflavored blends. Equipped with a handy bamboo packing stick, loading them is effortlessly simple, ensuring you're prepared to relish the authentic flavors swiftly.

Discover the joy of a purer smoke with King Palm Leaves, completely devoid of tobacco and artificial preservatives, letting you appreciate the genuine taste of your chosen blend. The innovation doesn't stop there; each leaf includes a flexible corn-husk filter, ingeniously integrated to offer a smoother draw that enhances the natural taste with every inhalation. This unique design promises a more fulfilling and enjoyable smoke session, every time.

Benefit from the peace of mind that comes with our one-year freshness guarantee, affording you the luxury of storing and enjoying your unflavored King Palm Leaves over time.

Proudly, Mary Jane's HQ boasts one of the broadest selections of unflavored King Palm products across Canada. Become part of a sophisticated group of smokers who've elevated their experience with King Palm Leaves. Embark on the journey towards a more satisfying and authentic smoke - experience unflavored King Palm Leaves today!