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King Palm Pre-Rolls

$ 39.99

Welcome to the world of unparalleled smoking pleasure with King Palm Leaves - the ultimate solution for a smooth and enjoyable experience. Crafted from all-natural Cordia leaves, these empty tubes are a breeze to fill using the included bamboo packing stick. Embrace a cleaner smoke as King Palm Leaves are completely free from tobacco and preservatives, ensuring you savor the pure essence of your chosen blend.

Enhancing your smoking experience is the flexible corn-husk filter thoughtfully integrated into each leaf, providing a tighter and cooler draw that intensifies the flavor of every puff. You can now indulge in a more refreshing and satisfying smoke session, thanks to this ingenious design.

Rest assured of the freshness of your King Palm Leaves, as we offer a one-year freshness guarantee, allowing you to store and savor them for an extended period. To add to the delight, we are excited to introduce the Mini Berry Terp, Watermelon Wave, and Magic Mint 2 packs, curated to elevate your smoking experience to a whole new level.

At Mary Jane's HQ, we take pride in providing one of the most extensive selections of King Palm products in all of Canada. Join the league of discerning smokers who have upgraded their smoking experience with King Palm Leaves. Take the first step towards a more gratifying and natural smoke - try King Palm Leaves today!