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Kush Cones Hemp Wraps

$ 2.49

Kush Herbal Hemp Wraps comes in a pack of 2 wraps and are made with 100% Canadian Hemp and are nicotine and tobacco free.

Paper Features:

  • Made with Canadian Hemp
  • 100% Tobacco Free
  • 100% Nicotine Free
  • Pre Rolled Design is Ready to Fill
  • 2 Conical Wraps per Pouch

....or merge the best of both worlds with a non tobacco solution to your herbal wrap needs that packs a punch of flavour. Kush terpenes infused hemp pre roll cones give you extreme flavour with every hit feature 2 terpene infused hemp cones per pack.

Kush Terpenes Cone Features:

  • Flavour: Clementine (Citrus)
  • 100% Tobacco-Free
  • 100% Nicotine Free
  • Super Seal: Glue Free Design
  • 2 Pre Roll Cones per Pouch