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KushKards One-Hitter Greeting Card

$ 10.99

Elevate your gifting game and surprise your loved ones with the KushKards One-Hitter Greeting Card. This unique card combines thoughtful sentiments with a special surprise, making it the perfect gift for cannabis enthusiasts.

The KushKards One-Hitter Greeting Card features a compact size of 5.5" x 4.25", making it easy to carry and display. The inside greeting is left blank, allowing you to personalize the card for any occasion or heartfelt message you want to convey.

Included in the box is the Trippin Over You KushKards One-Hitter Greeting Card, featuring a playful design that will put a smile on anyone's face. Alongside the card, you'll find a matching one-hitter, adding an exciting and practical element to your gift. With everything conveniently packed, the included envelope ensures easy gifting and protection.

KushKards are not your ordinary greeting cards—they are unique gifts that bring joy and surprise to your loved ones. With their clever design, each card provides a designated spot to insert the included one-hitter, making it a functional and memorable keepsake. KushKards truly stand out from store-bought cards, as they offer a delightful and interactive experience for the recipient.

So, whether it's "Trippin Over You," "For The Record," "Good Times Rolling," or "Flowers," each KushKards One-Hitter Greeting Card offers a charming way to express your affection and share in the joy of cannabis. Choose KushKards and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

  • 1x - KushKards One-Hitter Greeting Card - Trippin Over You
  • 1x - Matching One Hitter
  • 1x - Envelope