RYOT Aluminum Magnetic Taster W/ Bottle Opener + Bat – Mary Jane's Headquarters

RYOT Aluminum Magnetic Taster W/ Bottle Opener + Bat

$ 39.99

If the wood and acrylic dugouts by RYOT weren't doing the trick but you still maintain your love for one-hitters, this holy-shit deluxe aluminum model might do the trick!

The advantage with this large model is that, well, it's solid metal. And unless you flat-out lose it or any other random happenstance, this dugout is going to last you forever.

The Aluminum RYOT® SUPER Taster Box features the one of a kind integrated bottle opener and unique pistol grip design. Along with their patented magnetic poker and lid to help keep every bit of mess and smell at bay. Available in Matte Blue, Military Green, and Rose Gold, their aluminum construction lends these Taster Boxes an added level of durability while simply feeling great in your hand.